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Free Shipping on all Orders. Questions? Call (800) 906-0604

BDR-3 - 3" Bottom Draw for Rubber Lined Features

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The Filtrific BDR-3 bottom drain in conjunction with a Filtrific filter tank can be a valuable addition to a water feature for several reasons, depending on the type and purpose of your water feature.  The Filtrific BDR-3 bottom drain helps in the circulation of water within the water feature. By drawing water from the bottom of the pond or water feature, they help prevent stagnant water, which can become a breeding ground for algae and other unwanted microorganisms. This improved circulation also helps to distribute oxygen more evenly throughout a water feature. The Filtrific BDR-3 bottom drain together with a Filtrific filter tank can also remove debris such as leaves, fish waste, and sediment that settle at the bottom of a water feature. This can help maintain water clarity and reduce the need for manual cleaning, as the debris is automatically drawn into a Filtrific filter tank. By removing organic matter and other debris from the water, the Filtrific BDR-3 bottom drain can improve the overall water quality in your water feature. This can lead to healthier aquatic life and a more attractive and clean-looking water feature. Stagnant water at the bottom of a pond can create anaerobic conditions, where there is little to no oxygen. Anaerobic zones can produce foul odors and can be harmful to aquatic life. Filtrific BDR-3 Bottom drains help prevent the formation of such zones by ensuring water movement at all levels.

The Filtrific BDR-3 Bottom drain is best used in conjunction with Filtrific water feature Filter Tanks. The water drawn through the bottom drain can be sent through the filters in the Filtrific filter tank ensuring that it is thoroughly cleaned and circulated before returning to the pond. This contributes to clear and healthy water.

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