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Free Shipping on all Orders. Questions? Call (800) 906-0604

CP4 - Vanishing Water Extra High-Flow Component Package for T390F

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The Filtrific CP4 Component package provides the filters, pump discharge kit, overflow package and fixed skimmer for a Filtrific T390F filter tank most commonly used in a vanishing water or pondless water feature.

Elevate your outdoor space with the Filtrific Vanishing Water System, a hassle-free and visually striking solution that brings the serenity of water to your doorstep. Whether you desire a captivating waterfall, a tranquil fountain, or a pondless basin, this system ensures your water feature is a source of relaxation and enjoyment for years to come. Experience the benefits of the Filtrific Vanishing Water System today and discover the epitome of water feature excellence. The Filtrific Vanishing Water System operates with exceptional energy efficiency. The system minimizes power consumption, so you can enjoy your water feature without worrying about excessive energy bills. It's an environmentally conscious choice that complements your sustainable lifestyle.

The CP4 component package along with a Filtrific filter tank can provide excellent mechanical filtration, helping to keep the water clean and clear when a waterfall is running either into a pond or on a pondless water feature. The Filtrific Vanishing water system is the best system for managing water quality and debris in a pondless waterfall that is turned on and off. Filtrific’s Vanishing Water system removes debris, suspended particles, and organic matter from the water. This ensures that the water in your pondless waterfall remains clear and clean, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The filter prevents debris from entering the pump, which can clog or damage it over time. This can extend the life of your pump and reduce maintenance requirements.

A Filtrific filter tank (sold separately) acts as a reservoir for the recirculating water, ensuring a constant and steady flow in the waterfall. When the pump is turned off all the water in motion flows into the Filter tank, and extra storage tanks, if needed. Then when the water is turned on, it is drawn out of the Filtrific Filter tank and storage tanks.

Ensuring a consistent water level is essential for the flawless operation of your pondless water feature. The Filtrific Fixed Skimmer diligently keeps water levels consistent, contributing to the impeccable performance of waterfalls, fountains, and other elements. Designed to blend harmoniously into your landscape, the fixed skimmer does not compromise the visual appeal of your water feature. Its discreet profile ensures it remains an unobtrusive addition, while the opportunity for custom camouflage ensures it complements your unique aesthetic vision. The Fixed skimmer on a Filtrific Vanishing water system allows you to have a vanishing pool of water.  This is the only system on the market with this feature.

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