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Free Shipping on all Orders. Questions? Call (800) 906-0604

E24-75 - Basket With Fine Screen - For T75F Filter Tank

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The E24-75 Filter basket provides mechanical filtration within a Filtrific T75F filter tank filtering out debris before it reaches the water feature pump. For any pond, fountain, water wall, pondless or any other type of water feature mechanical filtration is important. Filtering debris out of the water feature is the first step in keeping the water in a pond or other water feature clean.  Filtering out debris also assures that the water feature pump won’t clog up and fail.  Filtration should be at the bottom of the water feature or somewhere before it reaches the water feature pump. This is where the debris in a water feature ends up if a proper skimmer and intake are used. The Filtrific water feature equipment utilizes stainless steel Filter Baskets to separate debris from the water carried in through the skimmer from the water feature. Interchangeable screen sizes provide customized filtering, to assure trouble free operation of waterfall pumps and related pond or pondless equipment. Finer mesh screens require more frequent cleaning than large mesh screens and are generally used with smaller pumping flows such as in fountains, bubbling rocks, or other concrete water features. Larger mesh screens are typically used with large flow installations such as ponds, pondless water features, large water walls, water walls or rock column water features.

Clean filters are essential in maintaining an efficient water feature. Routine maintenance is accomplished by occasionally emptying the Filter Baskets. If a large amount of debris has collected in the Filter Basket, simply remove the filter element and the compacted debris will fall out. The Filtrific Filter basket is fitted with a self-adjusting gasket to ensure that debris cannot bypass the filtration process.  Change to a finer or coarser screen by simply removing the retainer bracket on the bottom of the Filter Basket. With a Filtrific water feature System, both the homeowner and contractor are provided with simple and convenient access to the water feature pump and filtration equipment. The Filter Tank Reservoir's Lid design incorporates a built-in mulch guard, allowing mulch to be finished right to the edge of the filter access cap. Cleaning the water feature pre-filter is a simple process and can be accomplished in just a few minutes. Open the access cap in the landscape. Dump out the debris and spray the basket with a garden hose.  For a deep cleaning, the basket can be removed from the Filter Frame.

The Filtrific system provides a quality alternative to the many poorly designed and constructed pondless waterfalls such as Slotted Pump Vault & Gravel Pondless Waterfall Water Storage Basins that usually clog up and fail over time. These pondless reservoirs attempt to hold water but provide a poor storage solution for pondless waterfalls. They require additional components such as water storage matrix blocks, rubber liner, underlayment, and rock. These types of pondless reservoirs stop working because debris such as leaves, dirt, and rocks accumulate in the pondless reservoir, leading to clogging of the pondless reservoir, reduced water capacity and poor water quality of the pondless reservoir. This can prevent the water from properly recirculating and cause the reservoir to stop working.