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Free Shipping on all Orders. Questions? Call (800) 906-0604
Free Shipping on all Orders. Questions? Call (800) 906-0604

S44D - Small Door Skimmer For T40F Filter Tank

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The Filtrific S44D Door skimmer is a pond skimmer that is designed to keep your pond water clean and clear. The S44D Door skimmer is easily hidden under rocks or other natural elements, so it does not disrupt the aesthetic of your pond. It has a self-adjusting door that adapts to the water level and flow, ensuring optimal skimming performance. The S44D Skimmer connects to a 4” pipe that goes to a T40F Filter Tank located outside the water feature - either close or far away from the water feature.  Multiple skimmers can be located in the water feature and then piped into one or more filter tanks. The S44D skimmer can be used with the Filtrific Bottom-Draw Disc as well, which removes small organic debris from the bottom of the pond.

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