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Free Shipping on all Orders. Questions? Call (800) 906-0604
Free Shipping on all Orders. Questions? Call (800) 906-0604

S64 Skimmer For T75F & T390F Filter Tanks

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The Filtrific S64 skimmer is a fixed water feature skimmer designed for use with underground water containment systems, such as pondless, vanishing water and Hybri-Pond systems, or fountain or bubbling rock installations. It connects to a 4" outlet pipe coming from the water feature allowing the Filter Tank or pump vault to be located outside of the water feature.

Fixed skimmers are advantageous over other pond skimmers on the market because they allow precise adjustment of the water level and are nearly invisible at the pool’s edge. The Filtrific S64 skimmer features a clean, un-tapered skimmer design allowing the skimming edge to be incrementally trimmed as needed.

In a vanishing water or pondless waterfall or stream installation, the fixed skimmer allows for debris skimming and a vanishing pool at the base of the water feature. In a pond installation, the fixed skimmer allows for the water level to be fixed at a specific point while providing fully functional debris skimming. The Filtrific S64 skimmer also allows for an optional vanishing pool at the end of the stream, giving the feature a more natural ending.

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